“Miko” taster pack


Wines: Miko White Chardonnay | Miko Red
Winery: Mont Rochelle
Region: Franschhoek | South Africa
Taste: Dry
Content: 2 x 750 ml
Alcohol: 13 % | 15 %

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Miko White Chardonnay

A gloriously full-bodied wine with a straw-yellow colour, boasting beautiful aromas of stone fruit with fresh citrus and lime notes, orange and butterscotch. A complex and multilayered wine with elegant roasted aromas accompanying the full-bodied and long-lasting finish. Complex and elegant vanilla tones, truly extraordinary.

Miko Red

The Mont Rochelle Miko Red is a tribute to Miko Rwayitare, the first black owner of a vineyard in South Africa. This Syrah is only produced in particularly good vintages and perfectly reflects its terroir. Already convincing in its bouquet, this red wine,  with its complex play of aromas of dark fruits, cloves, pepper and black olives, fully unfolds its elegance on the palate. The supple tannins and the beautiful fruit notes also contribute to its elegance. Matured for 24 months in barrique the Mont Rochelle Miko Red is a pleasure drunk by itself, but also pairs excellently with hearty dishes of dark meat and game.


Miko White Chardonnay
Miko Red