“Chocabeck” taster pack


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Wines: 3 x IGT Rosato 2019 Chocabeck
Winery: Courgette Fornaciari – Cantine LVNAE
Region: Liguria
Taste: Dry
Content: 3 x 750 ml
Alcohol content: 12,5 %

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The CHOCABECK taster pack presents you with three excellent rosé wines by Zucchero.

What does Chocabeck refer to? Like Zucchero’s stage name, it is a throwback to the artist’s childhood. Again, it’s all about sweets – or rather the lack of them. Chocabeck is the chattering of teeth that have nothing to bite and stands for a time when sweets weren’t an everyday treat.


The rosy pomegranate colour is lively and intense.
The bouquet is immensely refined and alluring with its elegant fragrances of red berries such as cherries and wild berries, and its slightly spicy tones.
Balanced and velvety soft on the palate, this continuation of the bouquet’s fragrances is enriched by freshness as well as minerality.


Chocabeck triple pack