Sting & Zucchero | Duets of the Year – DUET ZUCCHERO


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Wine: Rosato Toscana IGT 2020 – NEW DAY 2020
Winery: Il Palagio
Region: Tuscany
Category:  Rosé
Taste: Lovely

Wine: IGT Rosso 2019 Di.Vino Rosso
Winery: Zucchero Fornaciari – Cantine LVNAE
Region: Liguria
Category: Red wine
Taste: Dry

Album: Zucchero – Sugar Fornaciari (signed!)
Content: 2 CDs
Songs: 20 Songs
Copyright: 2020 Universal Musica Italia srl


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Sting and Zucchero have been long-time friends sharing their passion for the colourful world of music and the delightful wine universe.
That’s why we now offer culinary-musical duets of these two world-famous artists.

Limited offer. This exquisite package is exclusively distributed by Star.Wine.

Duet 2:

Zucchero’s Di.Vino Rosso Deep dark ruby, rich with sweet spices, hints of ripe fruit, lively on the palate with full-bodied texture
New Day 2020 by Sting
Notes of roses and stone fruit; playful, soft, soulful, light pink.
Album Zucchero – Sugar Fornachiari D.O.C. Twenty songs and new bonus tracks from the Italian master; hand-signed