Organic Olive Oil 500 ml


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“Il Palagio’s organic olive oil is better than ever: Herbs and almonds, bananas and olive leaves. Strong, bitter, pronounced lively spiciness. Ideal with rustic delicacies” was the enthusiastic rating of an international jury of oil experts in the renowned German gourmet magazine “Der Feinschmecker”. The olive oil goes well with bruschetta, bistecca alla fiorentina (Florentine beefsteak), ribollita (Tuscan vegetable soup) and also with salads.

Il Palagio boasts about 5700 olive trees. Of these, 35 % each are of the classic Tuscan varieties Moraiolo and Frantoio, 25 % of the Leccino variety and the remaining 5 % of mixed stock. Il Palagio’s organic oil is a blend of the three main varieties, with an olive acid concentration of 0.17. In the vintage tested, around 4250 litres of extra virgin olive oil were produced at Il Palagio. The harvest took place between 4 and 29 November.